Friday, 13 July 2012

End of the week musings

Happy Friday morning to you! Today is a day where the theme is hodge podge. Truly a little of this and a little of that and a fairly short post (for me at least). First I am announcing the winner of the garden goodies.  Then, a few books I have just recently gotten that I love, a few new products that I just got that I am very excited about, a couple of new trinkets around the house, a few additions to my shop and so on and on. First the winner for the lovely trio of gardening items....using random number picker. The lucky winner is #80

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                                          Congratulations to Kathy Moody!!
Please contact me with your shipping details so these can get on their way............

First lets talk books. I use to be an avid reader, I mean a voracious "can't put a book down" kind of reader. Then I discovered blogging and the rest is history. I still pick up a book here and there but nothing like it used to be.Simply do not have the time, pure and simple. But, I did get a few new books and I am excited to delve right in. The first one, Ricky Laurens lifestyle/cookbook is not a novel but is a really fabulous book capturing the essence of laid back/beachy Montauk and is chock full of delectable recipes. Then a few reading books......

                                                         Enjoying this..

About to read.........

And just finished this and loved it (based up on Hadley Hemingway's life, wife of Ernest)

Any books you care to recommend that I can add to my flying by summer reading list? Do tell!

Calling all blondies.......Heard about this from a friend obsessed with hair and on a few blogs. You know I ran out to CVS to buy one of each. I plan to start using tomorrow morning but will let you know in a few weeks if it does what it says it will. Disclaimer is that my highlights actually look pretty good since i just got them so its not totally going to be obvious if this is really that good for at least a few weeks but there is a lot of hype over it! But everyone is hailing this as a really fabulous product that is the first of its kind (and no its nothing like Sun In, lol)

I was in East Hampton a few days ago and got some cute things from the Lilly Pulitzer store, this dress caught my eye because I remarked to the salesgirls that its so perfect for July 4th or Labor day and then she told me the fireworks on it glow in the dark! Genius!! I no longer wear short strapless dresses but if you do or you have a daughter who great looking is this dress!! Seriously cute and talk about how you will positively "glow"

And since I couldn't buy the dress, I did what every girl craving a little retail therapy would do...bought some shoes!
And they are actually pretty comfortable to boot!

And being a big fan of Calypso, it was my first stop got these great tunics......they are a great resource for chic summer tunics, paired with white pants, they are a no brainer!

Speaking of shoes.....are you a flip flop person? I love them and in fact love shoes in general but as I have gotten older comfort and practicality trumps looks every time (whereas when I was younger). But of course they have to look good. Real good.  I would suffer and my poor toes were like smashed sardines by the end of the more, they are free, free to be comfortable! Got the best flip flops (from stylish Swedish designer, Ilse Jacobsen), they are like physical therapy for the feet and look they are a winner in my book. Got them from my good blogging buddy, Mon's gorgeous shop, Splendid Avenue, chock full of all kinds of wonderful things for us girls and our homes. Its a must see, and here are my flip flops, highly recommend them and they come in 6 chic here to visit.

Also added these four Trowbridge prints to above a console, not sure they will permanently stay but they do like nice and its nice to see a big blank wall filled at least for now!

Store biz........going to stop carrying Seda France soon, down to my last few candles of each scent. They are a very special line but the shipping is quite expensive (opposite coast) but I will still carry the amazing gardenia in crystal urn candles. Click here to visit my store.

I am excited to start adding some really exceptional tole pieces late summer/early fall. Here's a preview..........thoughts? 

I have been sold out of the squirrel nut bowl that have been wildly popular, got four more in yesterday so for anyone who was wanting one...they are now available (first come first serve).
Adore this dish, its like the cutest conversation piece and serves a lot of nuts too.........

                 And got in a few pieces of each of these silver items also that were sold out.....

Gorgeous filigree display bowl with beaded edge

Beautiful heavily detailed tray for vanity or bar (I have this in my bathroom)

Gorgeous large filigree planter

I am excited to start adding some really exceptional tole pieces late summer/early fall. Here's a preview..........thoughts?

Last piece of biz.....on my online store I have a section titled "Your enchanted homes" this is a place where customers send in pictures of products they purchased from me and show me how they are using them in their homes. Its really exciting for me to see and there are so many gorgeous customers have unbelievable taste! So please,  if you have a picture of something you want to "show off" email it to me! Would love to add to my collection and I am going to be planning my first ever contest in a few weeks, so would love to see your purchase in action! Click here to visit Your Enchanted Homes.

So...that's whats cooking over here. Was on the road again yesterday, Rhode Island this time and feel lately like I am gone more than I am home. Soon off to Mass. for a few days and then planning a small birthday luncheon for a really dear friend on Wed. so busy days ahead but you know I will be sure to stop in when I can. Hoping your summer is going well! Wishing you a fabulous day and thanks for stopping in!


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