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A perfect fall day with Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home!

Good morning my dear readers. Well, you are in for another wonderful treat by yet another wonderful and talented blogger friend. Say hello to Mary Ann of the popular blog, Classic Casual Home. First a forewarning.......this post may evoke strong feelings of jealousy, so proceed at your own risk. "Poor" Mary Ann lives in the beautiful idyllic coastal town of Newport Beach...yes I know so sad:( And this poor soul gets to grill all year long, enjoy lunches on the beach in the dead of winter and thinks having to "brave the elements" in a trench coat is roughing it.

Poor Mary Ann.....if she wasn't so darn sweet, it would be easy to be insanely jealous but instead I am in awe of all she does and love seeing life from her sunny perspective. She has super stylish friends besides owning a gorgeous beach home herself.....and all she does is done with great grace and that enviable classic easy going California style. So if you don't know Mary Ann yet......you are missing out! Enough talking...lets hear from Mary Ann on her take on a perfect fall day, California style.....


Thanks so much, Tina, for inquiring about my 
Perfect Fall Day.
I split my time between two beautiful locations, Mammoth Lakes (in the Sierra mountains) and Newport Beach, California.  Both are great places to spend a perfect day.

One word that comes to mind when I think of fall……pumpkins
inside and outside

One of the most wonderful things about fall is.......changing the look of our home with autumn branches and
and my wool, instead of linen, pillows.

My favorite fall color is...
      Yellowy gold...like on the far hill in this Van Gogh painting or
       this soft alpaca throw from Crate and Barrel...

On a perfect fall day, I would wake up at....at 7 am feeling fully rested and ready to jump out of bed

To the sound of...my husband making me a cappuccino 

The view from my window looks something like this...
in Mammoth, Ca

or Lido Bay

The ideal fall weather could be described this way...
"Sweater Weather" 70 degrees and sunny and cooler at night.

My ideal morning activity would be…a hike to Crystal Lake, in Mammoth...
only accessible by foot.

This is a fall outfit you might see me in………

Newport Beach   and   Newport Beach  or

          Mammoth      and     Mammoth

A favorite product (beauty or otherwise) I like to use as the weather gets nippier...
Kiehls Creme de Corps  A great body moisturizer that my mother gave us.  Our skin gets extra dry with the high altitude in Mammoth, Ca.

For a fall breakfast I would indulge in..
"Indulge" you said so...A bagel sandwich with egg, Swiss cheese and crispy bacon, another cappuccino and animated conversation my walking buddies.

My favorite daytime activity in the fall is.....
Well, since this is a perfect day, no work or laundry, just reading The Enchanted Home.

Here's whats on my plate for lunch...
A arugula salad with sliced pear and toasted walnuts, shaved parmesan, a spritz of fresh lemon juice and drizzle of good olive oil.

Around 3pm you might find me,
on my bicycle headed to ride on the boardwalk at the beach or curled up with a bunch of new magazines.

An afternoon "pick me up" snack might just be........
dark chocolate

For dinner you might find this cooking on the stove....
Since our Meyer lemon tree in Newport Beach is  producing lots of lemons again...
We grill all year round here.

The perfect way to end a perfect fall day would be…
  An electric boat sunset cruise with a couple of fun girls
(Brooke and my daughter, Alie).

Thanks, Tina for allowing me to dream about 
My Perfect Fall Day. You are so good about encouraging us 
enjoy our dreams!
OK Mary Ann, now that you said reading my blog would be part of your perfect day....I will reconsider being jealous of you and your lifestyle...lol. Absolutely wonderful! This is going to make an awful lot of people wish they were spending their fall days in sunny happy California! I loved your take and everything from your food choices(if you clik on their names, she was kind enough to include a link to their recipes) to your afternoon activities all sound fabulous, I would happily accompany you on any part of this dreamy day. Thanks for being part of this and thanks to all my readers for stopping in. Want to hear and know more about Mary Ann? Then stop on over at her blog, Classic Casual Home and say hello. Click here to visit. Wishing everyone a fabulous fall day....so whats your perfect fall day all about?

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