Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Random pictures that I love........

Happy Wednesday to you... how is your week going? I have a busy day ahead and will be gone for the day and as much as I tried to get my mid week musings post done for today, it wasn't quite ready so this was a perfect day for this post, be back tomorrow with my mid week musings!
 Just going through my online albums BULGING with pictures, seriously think I am into the thousands at this point...rather scary! Anyway came across various pictures that don't necessarily fit into a particular post or theme, some do, others don't but they are just amazing for one reason or another, I had to share. 
So ......take a look, and let me know if something here really knocks your socks off too! Mind you very random, all over the map, no theme here, just a little beauty mixed in with a little nature, a bit of whimsy, a little fantasy, a snippet of cuteness, drop of glamour,  a touch of humor and a whole lot of inspiration! And of course it goes without saying I included my own little narrative about why I like the picture, you know I don't know what the term "just a few words" means :) Here we go......
My own picture taken in Montauk two weeks ago...amazing isn't it?
Oh yea.....fall is in the air!
This is to me what I want my "last supper" to look like......

Is this a fairytale wedding or what?

Charm galore
What's more striking or beautiful than seeing a dressage horse strutting his stuff!

Beautiful parterre garden

This doesn't need an explanation......just gorgeous!!!!!

Just's obvious why this is a keeper!

Nothing prettier than Vermont in the fall.........

Elegance personified!

My own pic at the farm stand...just off the fields!

I go nuts for ivy


Talk about door does it every time!

Love elegant!
You know I love this!
Pumpkin bling......fabulous!
Love the colors and mix of styles

Seriously? Bring on the milk!
Dinner party perfection!
Regal and fit for a princess
OK Now I have seen it all....a chinoiserie pumpkin and in blue and white to boot!!!!! Renee...thanks for taking this, AMAZING!
Peaches and cream
How sweet.....
Sophisticated, warm and intimate....I bet it's snowing outside!
The view....can smell that mountain air!

Went to this darling general store in St. James, about charming!

And this wonderful restaurant in Stonybrook, the ambiance

How pretty is this "redo", a gorgeous white house being redone in Bridgehampton, NY

You know I love my farm stands...........

And a field of sunflowers....too pretty!

How about Adirondack chairs in every color of the rainbow!

Love the way the Provence planters flank this gorgeous pool house

Rustic and elegant as one

Is this for real? I want to go!!!!!!
Ttes Elegant...

Is this the cutest picture....even the precious baby is smiling! This picture is literally bursting with love.

Can't top that last picture so that's it for now...nice to end on a high note! Which of these made you smile, gasp or shriek with envy? LOL.....for me they are all amazing in one way or another. Love to hear from you so say hello and let me know! Wishing you a wonderful day, thanks as always for stopping by, be back tomorrow!

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