Tuesday, 18 September 2012

NEW SERIES- A perfect fall day with Leslie of Trouver le Soleil!

Good morning to you! As I had mentioned when I closed my summer series with my own take on a perfect summer day.......I am starting a new series but with the glorious season of fall as the inspiration. So today I am presenting my newest series,  " A perfect fall day with......".What season is prettier, more refreshing or inspirational than fall? To me its the ultimate season for all your senses to come alive!

I am thrilled to "christen" this series with Leslie, blogger extraordinaire and wonderful taste maker, you know her from Trouver le Soleil   and if you don't then you must! Click here to visit her fabulous blog where she gabs about everything from her trips around the world, to skincare tips, great girlfriend getaways,  fashion, fun "girls stuff"  and interior design. You can be sure you will learn something new and see something super stylish  when visiting Leslie and I so enjoy my weekly visits over there. I was happy to hear her take on a perfect fall day and I must say its total perfection! So here we go, take it away Leslie........


Hi Tina!  Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in this fun series!

One word that comes to mind when I think of fall…… The smell of hot apple cider  

One of the most wonderful things about fall is....... the beginning of a season that celebrates family and friendship!  Having friends and family around is very important to me and having frequent house guest is part of our life style. I prepare meals family style, casual, no fuss.. and always bring out the silver, linens, and china.  That's why we have it, right? To us it! 

My favorite fall color is………….  That's a tough one.. I will have to say the color of the leaves as the seasons change.  It's stunning reflection of the tree leaves along the street or on the trail, a mix of red, brown, gold, and yellow.. stunning! 

On a perfect fall day, I would wake up at ………Around 7:00, I'll have a glass of lemon water, hot mug of coffee with a splash of half and half, check my email, and  head out for a walk with my dogs.  I'm not a morning person so I enjoy some quiet time and not having to head out the door to work.

To the sound of…………Bubbling soup on the stove, school buses (reminds me of when my kids were young), the wind whistling through the trees in my yard.

The view from my window looks something like this....…A beautiful view, the air is crisp and clean, and the leaves on the trees are displaying their vibrant fall colors.
 The ideal fall weather could be described this way......... A little chill in the air, breezy, cool nights 

My ideal morning activity would be……A walk with my two English Springers in the foothills near my home. Our yard is home to local deer, bear, bob cats, and an occasionally a cougar  .. so you never know what you might stumble across!

This is a fall outfit you might see me in……… Fall clothes are my favorite! Because of all the rain, ice, and snow we get in this neck of woods, I wear boots almost daily.  For a work day I'll be wearing a black bootie or knee high along with wool slacks or a pencil skirt.  Cashmere stockings add extra warmth and I will add  a white or camel colored blouse.  If I'm joining girlfriends for lunch, I'll be in my flat riding boots or my furry mou boots, along with leggings and a cashmere sweater.

A favorite product (beauty or otherwise) I like to use as the weather gets nippier…………I believe that beauty starts from the INSIDE, so that's where I start.  I try to eat all things in moderation, do some kind of daily exercise, get enough rest, and manage  stress. My "mature" skin is showing visible signs of aging, so I try to find cosmetics with ingredients that keep my skin clean and hydrated.  A few of my favorites are  Joelle Ciocco, Decleor Spa Balm, Dr. Hauschka Lavender Body Oil, and I really love the body butters for arms and legs.  

For a fall breakfast I would indulge in………. My blueberry pancakes with maple syrup.  The buttermilk and sour cream in the ingredients make these extra special!

My favorite daytime activity in the fall is………….. Who can resist pumpkins and corn fields?!  We live near a farm with a market full of fresh produce, pumpkins, and hay rides. Every year we gather friends and family up to head over to the pumpkin patch. I I choose all different types and sizes of pumpkins to decorate my home.

Here's whats on my plate for lunch... The fall season calls for comfort food.. so I'll say a grilled sandwich of some sort, maybe sliced turkey and havarti with a side salad and .. of course a glass of wine!

Around 3pm you might find me…………………Snuggled up in some thick socks, sweats, and a cozy sweater reading magazines or a good book with a cup of tea.

An afternoon "pick me up" snack might just be........ Chocolate Chip Cookies right out of the oven.. still kinda soft on the inside (love the dough!)

For dinner you might find this cooking on the stove.....A pot of Minestrone or Chicken Noodle Soup served with crusty bread.

The perfect way to end a perfect fall day would be……………Snuggled up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie!

Wow Leslie, you have every one of my senses on fire! I cannot wait to dress up in cuddly warm knits and go walking in the brisk cold air, all the while enjoying the foliage that is soon to come. And all those comfy foods and drinks...you are so speaking my language!! And I am with you on the school buses rounding the corner as a sure sign that fall has arrived, kind of bittersweet, since I am no longer "putting anyone on" the bus anymore:(  Love your ideas for a perfect fall day, clearly you know full well how to make the most of this spectacular season. Now click on over to pay Leslie a visit at her super fabulous blog and tell her how much you enjoyed this! Click here. As always thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!

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