Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I have fall fever and its contagious......

Good morning......So do I have any fellow fall lovers out there? I know, I know there are soooo many  fall posts out there..but I simply could not resist sharing some favorite fall images.  I must say I get a little pep in my step when fall rolls around, when my sleeveless shirt dilemmas say goodbye until next season, when I feel inspired to start making big pots of my favorite comfort foods (and there are many trust me on that), when apple picking and fall foliage season come about. Yes, this all excites me like you can't believe!
My own fall decor this season........

I love waking up that cool air, and opening a window and just breathing fall in. I  love adding little touches around my home to signify falls arrival. Nothing over the top, but little subtle touches here and there. So,  today's a tribute to fall and the glorious inspiration it inevitably brings like a beautifully wrapped present every time this time of year. How about you? Do you like to add touches of fall into your home?  Do you enjoy the season like I do? Do tell!

How spectacular is this rustic outdoor setting in a barn....absolutely idyllic!
Are you seriously ever too old for a candy apple? I think not...don't you know if you eat one in the fall, its half the calories:)
Something about an outdoor setting under the rustling leaves with a slight fall breeze.....doesn't get better!
A fun time to go a litlte crazy with fall the colors! Pottery Barn
I feel you are never too old to hit a pumpkin farm!

Hello crusty bread and hearty homemade soup! 
Fall is a visit to Central Park and watching the model sailboats take sail in the cool fall breeze....
Fall is meant for apple picking (and apple pie ala mode of course)!
Its the perfect season to burn fall scented candles...and how about these darling gourd ones? PB
The spectrum of colors is nothing short of a miracle
Where apples in abundance can be found.....Country Living
And creating beautiful fall-ish vignettes! (Pottery Barn)
I cannot help but think of lazy late afternoons...true I NEVER get to catnap in a beautiful hammock in a sun lit lakeside cozy cabin but I can dream about it! (Pinterest)
How about all those precious little trick or treaters that come around every fall? 
Apple pie and fall are practically synonymous!
And doesn't fall make the most inspiring table setting with the rich colors and wonderful textures! CL
Fall is meant for settings like this, a charming quiet cabin on a it!
And wearing gorgeous cashmere sweaters and scarves and fabulous racing gloves..ooh la la!

And creating simple arrangements of beautiful fall leaves and gourds in pretty old urns.....
Give me any excuse to have to stay home and put on a pair of cozy socks...ahh, that's fall for you!
And finally, fall and wonderful comfort foods go together like oreos and milk, don't you think?

Well that's what fall means to me.........So what about you? There's so much to celebrate during this wonderful season! Do you love fall and get excited over it being here too? Whats your absolute favorite thing about this magical season? Do tell! 


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