Friday, 15 February 2013

A beach house project!

Before I begin this in 4 fabulous dough bowls yesterday. All stunning, they go fast and there are always people wanting if interested email me here.

Good Friday morning! I really enjoy the relatively new concept of e-desgn. Its a lot of fun and I am working on two great projects right now. One of them is a project for a wonderful lady who wants to freshen up her beach house. She was open to ideas/colors but prefers earth tones, however was not opposed to introducing other colors into the room. We are starting with the living room. The idea was to create a sophisticated, but fresh inviting vibe to the space. In the next room over, the family room, there is navy and off white. There is a lot of sunlight and very high ceilings. (we have not really addressed art or wall application yet).

 So I started with the earth tones, to honor her wishes and because we all know that when you start with a neutral palette, it makes it so easy to change things up when and if you want to down the road. I came up with four mood broads, which I am sharing with you today. Mind you, these are concepts at this point and will be tweaked and fine tuned when she decides which way she wants to go. Its always fun to hear your if you we redoing a beach house living room, which of these would you choose?

I have to say I am having a hard time making my own mind up. I am really torn between two. How about you? I wish that was my dilemma....decorating for my beach house:) Look forward to hearing what you have to say and wishing you a fabulous Friday!

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