Monday, 4 February 2013

Early week musings.......

Hello and happy Monday.  Hard to believe this weekend has come and gone....exciting Superbowl! That was pretty crazy about the blackout, my husband known for his conspiracy theories was quick to jump all over that one and definitely entertained us as we waited for the game to resume. I am still stuffed from all the food that was served to us at our friends house but it was worth every delicious bite (and calorie)!  Not that I am so into football but do look forward to this excellent excuse to indulge in all kinds of yummy finger foods (at least I am honest)! But it's all good and hey, it doesn't get more American than that.  I thought some of the commercials were a little all over the place and didn't make a lot of sense to me but I loved the Audi one with the high school kid who takes his dads car, very cute along with a few others. Moving along.......
So remember my perfect carpeting for my room that I was so excited about? Well I finally go to order it and am told its out of stock and it will take 16-20 weeks to make a new batch!!!!!!I was devastated as I also found out two days later that the fabric that we finally decided on for my dining room is also backordered for a min. of 12 weeks!!!! Whats going on here? I am 0-2 and not happy. So.....found two more contenders for my bedroom, here they are would love your take. I am leaning more towards one than the other and curios to see what you think. The dining room fabric is going to be  my project next week...I am determined to find it!

I won this book from my dear friend, Debby's blog, Inspired Design who we all know and love. I adore this book. The pictures are totally droolworthy and have a real vintage vibe, not to mention they draw me right in and have me wanting to make each and every recipe! The pictures literally bring gorgeous food images to an entirely new level and could make even a cooking skeptic want to jump in. This is one talented lady! If you want to channel your inner "cool cook" vibe, you must get is simply put, awesome! Thanks Debby!


  Be sure to take a look at my new section for my online store, tole and chinoiserie, a tribute to one of my most favorite design elements! I have some gorgeous gorgeous new things just added included this fabulous new lamp. Lots more to come! Click here to see it so far......

Its fun to know what and who ended up getting the most votes for my weekly Which would you choose...don't you think? So the last two were which chef you would want to come in and cook for you and the other was on cocktail dresses for a swanky party here are the top three for each post (several of the others vied for fourth, hey they are all winners if you ask me)!
For the cocktail dress Which would you choose, here are the top three....

And for the one which you got to choose the chef who would come for the weekend to cook up a storm for is your top five picks (included five because they were all so neck in neck)!

  And last the top three rooms that most say "you"....and let me say you did not disappoint in this either! From dresses to chefs to interior are truly tastemakers in your own right!

And if you are curious...these all tied for fourth!

I have spoken often about how much I looooove stationary. Amazing that I have yet to get into that business considering how much I love it. Enter Charming Elizabeth. Fell in love with this designers beautiful cards/thank you/wine labels/ placing an order for myself and a few gifts. She has such a beautiful aesthetic!
 For the baker/cook she has so many fabulous labels for your homemade goodies!
Love her bookplates, I lend out a lot of books so I need this!

Elegant calling cards

This has my name written all over it....

 As does this charming!
 Gorgeous colors.....beautiful card!
 Another great label....I could easily plan an entire party around this beautiful theme!
I LOVE these absolutely stunning cards that she designed for the most beautiful memory game I have seen! What a neat gift too.

Click here  to visit  Charming Elizabeths' website.  I even love her name:)

Anyone know knows me often hears me say that I was born in the wrong era....I don't know where you stand but to me, this world of ours is moving way too fast. I hate the way people communicate more via their phone than in person, that there are no "secrets" any more, even innocent things like girls surprising everyone with her chosen prom dress, nope....websites and facebook pages are set up weeks before prom to have all the girls show their dresses to be sure (gasp) that no two wear the same.  What happened to the element of surprise?

 I dont' like that when I am standing in line in Starbucks, and now you can actually order a cup of coffee without uttering a single word, you can show a barcode on your phone (huh)? I just keep silently hoping there will be some kind of backlash towards this progressive "moving at warp speed" race towards who knows what. I am also a serious skeptic with a lot of the social media, Facebook, Twitter, much to think about! I saw this video on my friend Allison's blog, The Polohouse and it is really something you have to see....... click here or on video.

Now, I do not want to close on a negative/eerie note......and wanted to say I finally got to see Silver Linings was fantastic! I thought Bradley, Jennifer, and Robert all gave brilliant performances. I laughed and cried, it was real, refreshing and hauntingly sad too. I absolutely recommend it...... 


So my fellow sweetpeas that's whats new over here.  I want to wish everyone a wonderful start to the week and I will be back tomorrow, have a fabulous day!

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