Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Simple Valentine's Day Dinner for Kids

Happy Valentine's Day!  Do you have any big romantic plans?  As I mentioned in a previous post, today is all about the kids in our house.  Since it's not  a big federal holiday, homework and extracurricular activities are still part of our evening.  Even so, I wanted to make the evening special for the kids without expending too much time or effort.  My plan is to serve a simple but kid-friendly dinner atop a table set especially for the holiday.  In just a few minutes, I was able to throw this together:
Seriously, I was so busy today I had less than ten minutes to put this together. 

I started off by running a length of red and white polka dot wrapping paper (Hobby Lobby) down the center of the table.  I added a simple white plate, wine glass and simple white napkin for each family member.  Each plate is topped by a red heart filled with M&Ms (Walgreens).  I placed a beautiful bouquet of tulips (Kroger) in the center of the table.  Two pink candles (a long time ago from TJMaxx) will add some pretty light to the table when we sit down to eat.  A scattering of conversation hearts on the plates and table adds the final special touch to this Valentine's Day tablescape. 

These special heart decorations hang from the chandelier above the table.  Read about them here.
You may be asking yourself, "What is this easy, kid-friendly meal she plans to serve?"  Well, heart shaped pizzas are a Valentine's Day tradition in our house.  Click here to see how to make your own.
Our side dishes will include fresh fruit and this adorable Valentine's Day pasta
I got the pasta last year on super clearance at World Market.  It's good until 2014, so I bought tons!
Of course everyone will get a special card that I picked out especially for them.  Every time I buy greeting cards, I'm astounded by the price!  At $5 each, I think I spent more on the cards than I did on dinner and candy.
So, do you have romantic plans for Valentine's Day, or will your celebration be more kid-centric?  either way, I hope you have a great day and get to spent time with the one(s) you love.

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