Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Kitchen is Organized, But I Had Nothing to Do With It

Since I began writing this blog, many of my posts have been devoted to detailing the changes I've been making to the house.  I've made no secret of the fact that the house is not my style and there are many things I want to change.  This post is different.  This post is devoted to something the previous homeowners did in the house that I absolutely love, something that I probably couldn't have imagined on my own, but something that will be a requirement in any house I own in the future.  This post is devoted to the kitchen organization elements that were installed by the previous owners. 

Let's start this organized kitchen tour in the pantry. 
Not very exciting to look at from the outside.

Our pantry is fairly small, which prevents me from buying more food than I need.  Pull out shelves make it easy to find what we're looking for.

Do you think my family likes pasta (and carbs in general) a bit too much?

Canned goods have a shelf all to themselves.

Crackers and condiments reside on this shelf.

Drink mixes and other types of mixes are stored on the top shelf.

I added this bulletin board to the inside of the pantry door so that important information (and pictures of cute French bulldogs) can be kept close at hand but out of site. 

I like to keep my counters clear, so I store all of my appliances behind closed doors.  More pullout shelves make it easy to get to any appliance that I need.

I use this griddle about once a month to make pancakes.

The blender also gets used when I make pancakes, as well as for the occasional smoothie.

The toaster oven gets used several times a week, but I still store it behind closed doors because I don't like looking at it.

Crockpots are used several times each month.

The kitchen was designed with these drawers underneath the cook top. 

I store my pots and pans in them.  It is so much easier to pull a pot from the drawer than to dig through a cabinet trying to find the particular pot I'm looking for.

This corner cabinet rotates so it utilizes every available inch of storage space.  Inside is plasticware central.

The utensil drawer has built-in dividers, so there's a place for everything.

Look at this - there's even a place for my corn cob holders!

Thank you to the previous homeowners for all of the organizational tools they put in place.  Without these tools, the kitchen would be a disaster.  In the interest of keeping it real, here's a shot of two of my kitchen drawers that came without any organizational bells and whistles.

Yikes!  I'd better get to work on these!

Now that I've experienced the joys of an organized kitchen, pot drawers, pullout shelves and divided drawers are on my must-have list for any homes in my future.  What are your must-have organizational elements for your home?

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