Tuesday, 13 December 2011

35 amazing ways to rock a Christmas present!!!!!!

Good morning....well its clear that we are officially in the serious season of gift wrap overload. I mean this is when you need to get those fingers at their peak performance, making sure they are ready to do some serious overtime. No rest for the weary, survival of the fittest. All ten count. I must admit, it can take me awhile to warm up to the idea that the holiday frenzy is here, but once I commit to it, I jump right in and go full throttle and when I get into my gift wrap, I really get into  my gift wrap. 
Normally I will start by conventionally wrapping a gift with pretty paper, some kind of ribbon,  a name tag, insert it under tree and repeat. Then as the creative gift wrapping juices get flowing I stare with new found creativity under the tree and promptly remove all the gifts, furiously attaching all sorts of ribbons, adornments, pine cones, glittery objects,  mini ornaments, candy canes, you name it to said packages, and voila new and enhanced gifts are then replaced under the tree and suddenly its really starting to look a lot like Christmas!! So today is all about beautiful ways to wrap up those presents we all no doubt have. Some creative ways to get the job done. Have some interesting creative tips you want to share? Please do!

Ahhhh...damask paper, silver silky ribbon, and sprayed silver adorments....perfection! C.Roehm

Love this idea, white paper, colorful ribbon and attaching a fun Christmas candy like a candycane or lollipop, definitely trying this! Good Housekeeping
Rich reds and oranges with same colored ribbons make for fabulously festive gifts, C.Roehm

Simple brown paper with ivy leaves and berries ala Martha Stewart, creative!

These are just gorgeous! If you want to get really clever and creative, take a box and wrap candies or hot glue flowers over them, tie up with pretty ribbon! Becky Luigart-Stayner
Cannot imagine gift wrap any prettier than these in all the beautiful earthy colors !! The Bella Life
Solid papers with live greens and/or berries makes for a festive package, Martha Stewart
LOVE this!!! Gorgeous shimmery metallic papers adorned with silver ribbons and adornments that have been sprayed silver, does it get any prettier? Carolyn Roehm
This is fun! Brown craft paper with adhesive letters to spell out persons name (you can buy these at Michaels)
Love the idea of attaching a few small metallic ornaments to a box, instant way to add a little glam to a gift, Goodhouse
I like the idea of a simple gift wrap with a little jingle bell! Martha Stewart
Who would have thought silver tissue paper adorned with assorted beautiful ribbons could look so pretty? Martha Stewart
How about taking simple craft paper and adorning it with a fancy costume jewelry broach and ribbon! Heather Bullard
Beautiful metallics and browns are a beautiful way to jazz up a gift! The window scene
I like layering ribbons, a flat ribbon with a curly ribbon on top when you are feeling really ambitious, gives it a little "pop", Goodhouse
Pinecones can be one of the least expensive and most decorative ways to dress up a package
Talk about creative but chic! Newspaper with a big tag with recipients initial! Craftingchics
Love this sheet music paper, wrapped with a pretty green bow and a few little bells, so elegant! Country Living
Aboslutely love this and will give it a go.......How about adding black and white photos to the front of a gift! Love it!
Decadent paper, a silky wide ribbon and a small flower cluster is the picture of holiday elegance ala Carolyn Roehm
Who wouldnt' want to receive a gift like this with a little added Christmas bling! BHG
Something very charming and nostalgic about this craft paper and gingham fabric used in place of ribbon, very sweet. Old charm
Love the ideas of letting kids design their own giftwrap and have done this myself, Martha Stewart
Love this idea, for favors or small gifts, putting them in burlap sacks and adorning them with holly and berries, Southern Living
Or dress up a special gift with fresh holiday flowers! Southern Living
I have done something like this often for birthdays and other occasions besides Christmas, take a simple paper, get a big initial and a flower or fresh greenery, get your glue gun ready and go!
Sometimes just choosing a really beautiful and elegant paper with a pretty ribbon is enough, Heather Bullard
Not all gifts must come in a box and paper, how about a favorited baked good or candy given in a pretty little ice bucket and wrapped up with a beautiful ribbon!
Love this idea, a neat vintage looking postcard of a place that has meaning to the recipient, perhaps a place you visited together or a somewhere you want to go! Fantastic...Songbird
Sometimes, less is more like using a plain colored wrapping paper and adding a festive tartan bow! Familyfun
Look at this chic animal print paper in rich browns and greens topped with colorful ribbons, berries and mini pinecones...fabulous! Carolyn Roehm
When in doubt....go all out, on color that is! How about neon pink and green, that is bound to wake everyone up Christmas morning! Fourteen feet ceilings

Sometimes, even household staples can be used for pretty wrapping, like a newspaper cut into a flower or craft paper or a comic book page or tying with simple twine, Ellinee
Stickers have never been big bigger, get  plain paper and get creative with stickers!! MS
Using rich velvet ribbon is a surefire way to dress up an elegant gift!!

So....get your glue gun out and ready to do battle, start stretching those fingers...its time to get to work!  The season is here and in full swing! Hope you got some ideas and would love to hear if you have some of your own! Happy wrapping!


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