Friday, 30 December 2011

Things I am loving Fridays and house updates!

Hi there, well due to the holiday week my posting/blogging has been a little lighter than usual. We are getting close to moving. Very close. And its very exciting, I know we have a lot of work ahead..... long days, achy muscles, tired bodies and such ahead of us...but that's fine, at least we are finally going to be home sweet home! Today is just a house update post because I haven't done a whole heck of a lot since my family left on Tuesday, other than stay home and do some packing, reading, movie watching, cleaning up after the holiday frenzy,etc......eating tons of leftovers.
We are hoping to start moving things in to the new house sometime over the weekend, as long as a few loose ends are tied up by Saturday, because its been a holiday week, its a little tricky, but fingers crossed we will be moving/doing a soft move sometime over the weekend/early next week!!! And we hope to actually be living there by the end of next week!!  Can you believe it.....after four loooooong years, the time is finally just about here!
 I recognize that there will be lots of work to do for many months to come but at last we will be there and I really do believe there are many things that get overlooked and that you don't realize until you are actually living in the space, don't you agree?  So this is a condensed post and I will be having my bevy of super talented blogging friends filling in here and there with some amazing guest posts and I will be popping in as well.....I promise everything will get right back to normal as soon as I am in and settled! 

Before I begin, a few answers to your questions.....

1. Many of you asked where I got the wire for my kitchen cabinets? I must preface this by saying they are rather expensive and take a long time to receive, but if you are patient, they are beautiful! They are from Heathcast of the UK. My pattern was the Diamond Regency grill in the bronze finish. Here is the website:

2. The pale blue/green color I had originally painted my closet/dressing area Benjamin Moore Silver crest.

3. Where did I get the hardware for my bathroom? Anthropologie..what a surprise!

4. Many want to know the "manufacturer/make" of my kitchen. It was built by an independent cabinet maker. He is a three man operation but very good at what he does (but obviously it took much  longer as they are a small operation)

5. What kind of marble is on my countertops? Calacutta gold select

6. Is the island and butlers painted black or stained? Actually both. The island is painted black(matte) and the butlers pantry is a very very dark stain so that when you have sunlight coming through you are still able to pick up on the graining of the wood.

7. Do we have a good source for the beams? Again these were done by our outstanding cabinet makers and then we had a talented local finisher "antique and finish them". Sorry!

If I have left out any of your questions...feel free to email me!

HOUSE UPDATES. I will let the pictures do the talking. At this point its all about the finishing of many of the spaces, final touches on paint, the front limestone entrance is totally done except for the wrought iron that goes above front door in front of window, absolutely love it! One thing that we were able to do that had special meaning was to use the original planters (at least for now) from the original house that goes back to the 1920's and the orbs that were planted in them! I think they look great and "very French"! I love being able to find spots for these treasured relics of the past! More of that to come.....

Ahhh, so nice to rip off the paper in the front entrance, glass for door comes next week!
Because this was taken at night, we dont' really get a great take on the color, but I love this color, its a pale putty color.

Front entrance getting final touches
Voila! The planters and finished limestone entrance

Laundry room faucet installed...only waiting on knobs then we are done in here!

Hardware put on mahogany doors downstairs
Faucets put in kitchen sinks
Hardware on breakfast room patio doors
Butlers pantry faucet

Door to powder room

Covered porch is done except floor!

Patio with fireplace done

Wire on island doors

Backsplash! Say goodbye to the stove, this is the last time you will see it...I know you are heartbroken:)

Entrance completed...yippee!!
Planters and orbs from original home!!

And last the winners from this weeks Which would you choose...though there are no "losers" as they were each gorgeous and special!

1st place with 42 votes

2nd place with 33 votes

3rd place with 21 votes

And tied for 4th place with 15 votes each


All my favorites made it.....what can I say you all have superb taste!! Wishing you a wonderful Friday leading up to this special weekend......hard to believe we are about to close the door to 2011 and say hello to 2012...I say bring it on! I am ready.Wishing you a fabulous Friday!


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