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Enchanted guest #4, say hi to Barbara from Haus Design!

Good morning! Hope everyone is staying as calm as can be expected given that we are just a few days away from Christmas!! Today and tomorrow I am featuring two fabulous guest bloggers and Friday I will be back with my usual Thursday post and house updates.  For today, I am so happy to be here with my enchanted guest #4, say hi to Barbara from Haus Design. Barbara has quite a treat for you today so sit back and relax and take in all the beauty. If you aren't already familiar with Haus Design you must pay her a visit. 
Barbara has fabulous taste and blogs on everything from gorgeous European influenced design to wonderful exotic locales and unique tidbits on interior design, travel  and architecture. Barbara's classy and elegant ways draw you right in and Haus Design always delivers!! This post, all about beautiful holiday gift wrap, was magnificently put together by Barbara and I hope you enjoy it! Chock full of yummy gift wrapping inspiration sure to inspire even the most apprehensive gift wrapper!  Thank you Barbara and take it away.....

Hi Everyone!  I'm Barbara from HausDesign and I am so excited to be guest posting for Tina while she is moving into her new home.  Tina has become such a wonderful friend to me and supportive in so many ways - even across all of the miles that separate us - so I'm glad I could help out, even in a small way.   
via Griege Blog
For today's post, I asked Tina if I could write about gift wrapping ideas because I love adding a special touch to even the humblest of gifts.  Of course this is the perfect time of year for creative gift wrapping ideas, but actually many of these ideas could be carried over throughout the year.  I have put together a few of my favorites for all of you today.  Enjoy!
Elegant Inspirations:
A refreshing mix of patterns and playful colors...
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Martha Stewart
via birds next blog
I love to include a fir bough or sprig of holly to winter packages - it adds dimension and freshens up the whole look!
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Tobi Fairley
A fun twist on traditional holiday colors and themes or this would also be beautiful in January!  I love adding a small item tied with the ribbon, like they did here with the chopsticks.
Jones Design Company
You can find these beautiful printable tags here.
I used those on all of my gifts last year and they were so pretty! 
Creative Twists:
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Keep cellophane bags and simple stickers on hand...then all you need to add is some pretty ribbon (and maybe some mistletoe) for a gorgeous presentation!

How fun is this for an aspiring (or accomplished) artist?
These would also make a beautiful addition to a bottle of wine as a hostess gift.
The feather is a creative touch, as is wrapping in a beautiful fabric...
This idea has been around for a while, but I still love it.  It's earth friendly too!
I love this idea for big and little kids!
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An easy DIY: personalized bags for your guests.
Edible Gifts:
Pinned Image
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You could also personalize the label with anything you want...
Martha Stewart
Pretty food with wrapping as part of the gift:  clever!
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Personalized Gifts:
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Martha Stewart
Grandparents would go crazy for this type of wrapping...aunts too.  :)

TomKat Studios
Pinned Image
I hope you found some inspiration you could use for your holiday gifts today!
Tina, thanks so much for having me and I wish you all the best with your big move!  :)

Barbara, so many beautiful ways to think about how to wrap a gift. Many here that all of us can do, even for the "gift wrapped challenged"!! Many thanks for stopping by and wishing you the happiest of holidays! Please pop over and visit Barabara over at Haus Design. Click here to visit! The countdown is officially on......have a wonderful day and thank you Barbara for giving me new vigor in wrapping my last batch of gifts! Happy wrapping everyone!


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