Saturday, 10 December 2011

Things I am loving Saturday and house updates!!

Good morning, hope you are having a wonderful week. I am sure like me, things are busy over there by you as this time of year tends to be a bit nuts for everyone, doesn't it? For me, its been a combination of "house biz", Christmas shopping, a few social things we were invited to and trying to find the right clothes for (ugh..HATE this,  some of the things I love in my closet don't fit, and I really don't have the inclination or time to go out searching to buy something new). I find this time of year to always be stressful. Last night we were invited to a very hoity toity  Christmas party, I had no time literally to figure out what to wear much less find time to shop for something and I refused to reward my bad behavior and buy "up" a size or two and invest in anything expensive. I daydreamed of wearing a Snuggie and trying to set a new fashion trend but quickly nixed that idea and settled for a dressy pair of black slacks, a festive red silk top and loaded up on the jewelry. I ended up feeling festive and party ready given all I had going on but truth is I am admittedly ready for the holidays to be over, though I feel bad admitting this ...... I am trying to pace myself as best as I possibly can and keep it all in perspective.  I start as always with house updates then continue on with some of what I am loving this week....

HOUSE UPDATES. At this point, its all details. The exciting things this week are the wire that FINALLY arrived from the UK for the kitchen to complete the cabinets which I am thrilled with and was worth the wait and my closet, which I am LOVING and its every bit what I was hoping it would be.  Then the laundry room cabinetry which is completed and I love that too, only missing hardware, backsplash and a nice window treatment! The major things are just about done, now its all in the finishing. The outdoor patio is really taking shape. Paint has started in the living room and dining and hallways. I have made no secret of how restless I am getting, mostly because I love nothing more than fiddling around my house, changing things up here and there, trying this or that and for four years now my hands have been tied..its been torture!! But we really truly are in the home stretch and I am hoping my headache and stomach aches will at last come to an end as we soon start to move in! Enough talking, let me show you whats going on!

Detailing done above mantle in family room....

Yippee...laundry room is done!!! (except backsplash)

Outdoor porch ceiling getting done.....

Outdoor fireplace.....can't wait to use this!

Drive through ceiling done

Living room paint color decision with a slight glaze over the top

My long awaited closet!!!!!!
Trying hardware over the next few days, thinking crystal knobs

Keeping the island, its growing on me....and thinking now am going to go with an antique mirrored top instead of stone or wood (Thanks Barbara:)

Bathroom done painting, now awaits glazing, we are starting that on Tues. or Wed.

Just awaiting glazing and hardware and sconces and we will at last be done here!!

A LITTLE REMINISCING, I had such fun the other day going through some old online photos. How I wish I had them online from when my kids were younger, but I had such a good time looking at older pictures of my house, my dog, my kids, family vacations, etc......nothing like pictures and videos to "take you back"...isn't that the best? I hope you dont' mind that I am sharing a few here.

I miss having friends over for lunch and setting a pretty table....

I made my friend, who LOVES strawberries instead of a traditional cake,a Strawberry Napoleon
I remember this beautiful blizzard, this is one of my favorite outdoor pictures.....
Loved placing my tree at the back of our foyer
Decorating for the holidays, always had fun with it! Never mind the "talking Christmas tree on the right", that was my son's "addition" to the holiday decor:)

DEAN AND DELUCA  APPETIZERS I have ordered from them before,  and really like their products. They have great quality control, offer fast and efficient delivery and I don't think I have ever tried anything I haven't really loved. So for this years annual family Christmas party I am once again ordering some of their appetizers in addition to making some of my own. I make an amazing baked brie which I will share the recipe with you on, and a wonderful version of a mini Empanada and always do a huge Italian platter of assorted cheeses, meats, breads, olives, etc but its always nice to add some ready to made things too. They ship everywhere! Some of my faves are........
Love this! The cheese lovers appetizer trio of assorted puff pastry and cheeses

Spring rolls....who doesn't love these!

Lobster flatbread, yum!!
Caviar is always  a nice and elegant treat around the holidays!

Date and almond crisps..these are really tasty and great with any kind of cheese!

A CUSTOM DOG TRAY. Do you know someone who loves their dog? And loves entertaining? I mean REALLY loves their dog and really loves entertaining? Then they will absolutely love this custom made tole tray featuring their very own pooch as the subject, handpainted by Two Girls. They are not cheap, but what a beautiful keepsake and/or gift! I think these are so special and practical to use or display and such a unique gift too! Click here to visit.

ALABASTER COMPOTES.Was at someones house the other week and she had a pair on a console and they were so beautiful! Then saw that Joan from the blog, For the love of a house collects them too and hers are gorgeous! So now...I am on the prowl. They are sooo pretty!! What do you think? Where do you see putting something like this?

Joans beautiful vignette from For the love of a house

Results of this weeks Which would you choose......and here are the top four!





Well......that's whats going on over here. I have a day full of house errands,  Christmas shopping and trying to get myself organized to contend with for today, I cannot believe Christmas is about 2 weeks away....YIKES!! I keep taking deep breaths when I feel the anxiety creeping in, and reminding myself that I always get the job done. How about you? Anything you are loving this week? Are you crazy busy too? Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


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