Saturday, 3 December 2011

The most beautiful fairytale in the world Part II

Good morning, to all my fellow "believers in make believe and fantasy worlds that really might exist"

If you are just now joining us and didn't see part I you must click here to be taken to part I and understand just how this journey came to be, by reading part I you can catch up with us here!

OK, so if you remember correctly, we last left off by you having  select from one of two uber charming and picture perfect "cottages" (cottage being a very relative word). So now that you are settling into your cozy cottage that you will have to be forcibly removed from a the end of the weekend, you decide to change into something more comfortable and are meeting the girls in 15 minutes for the next adventure, of which you have no idea what it is! You cannot imagine anything beyond what you have already seen but are more than willing to see what lies ahead. Dressed more casually, the small group of old friends reconvene near the barn where the horses are kept, where a lovely table has been set up for afternoon coffee and tea. Leave it up to ______________(your friends name). No stone has been unturned!

Where there are a bevy of pastries and coffees and teas to delight every palette....

Soon after you have had a chance to catch your breath amidst much reminiscing with your gal pals, _________________(your hostess with the mostest) suggests you all go for a ride through the countryside.....I am in! The stables are like none other that you have seen.......

As charming and beautiful as you have dreamt of your own house being....

Before long your mount is all saddled up and you are ready!!
My horse, Pride was a real beauty.....a former dressage champion!
The journey begins...friends under the warm afternoon sun without a care in the world

We frolicked through acres and acres of magnificent perfect green meadows and open was truly a dream, the landscape made my heart beat faster....

After a few hours of horseback, laughter and reminiscing with each other of days of our youth and innocence, we decided it was time to head back where lunch awaited us, everyone was famished!
___________________(friends name) then told us to not fear, she had a small table of  "various tidbits" to hold us over until lunch was done being set up in the forest! Somehow at this point, even this amazingly well thought out gesture did not surprise me, I was in a dream and anything was possible. What I saw before me was right out of a child's fairytale......

Soon after,  we spotted the elegantly rustic table setting under a canopy of lush green trees that  awaited our voracious appetites....we dug right in!

The elegant tea sandwiches were scrumptious!

As were the beautiful jewel like "mini cakes" that were presented to us for dessert!

Soon it was nearly late afternoon, we couldn't believe we had spent most of the day riding without a care in the world and eating a feast of kings under the canopy of the green lush forest, it was time to head back to take showers and off we trodded towards "home"
Before long we arrived to each of our guest houses and proceeded to enjoy the luxurious bubble bath that awaited us and did I mention a glass of champagne had so thoughtfully be put out by the tub? Boy she really thought of everything!
I loved that beautiful fragrant fresh flowers adorned the bath and a luxurious array of the best French toiletries were laid out for our use....and don't even get me started on the candles and orchids!!

Soon after we were advised to sit back, relax and enjoy a little television in bed or a quite hour to read, this 'alone' time was the perfect reprise after a long but enjoyable day....I spotted the pretty chaise in the corner and decided to start my new book
We were asked to be ready to be up at the main house at 7 for cocktails and dinner....
I reached for my pretty pale pink party dress and changed feeling very excited and anxious about what I knew would be a magical evening ahead of us! Off I ran to meet the others....

I met up with the others  as we were taken via an old fashioned wagon to the main house....
I loved our transportation !

Once again my breath was taken away upon seeing the main house once again...a vision that I had to sure I was really I pinched myself to be sure! 

Soon after we greeted each other we were led inside where the magnificence of the main foyer made us gasp......the beauty was that astounding.

  To be continued..........have a beautiful Saturday!


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