Thursday, 1 December 2011

Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!!

Good morning everyone!  I am hereby announcing that  I am officially in a "frenzied state of mind". Actually I realized recently  blogging is one of the truly sane calming peaceful things in my life...some people go and get a massage or go to a spa for a few days or even see a shrink regularly. My "therapy" and daily retreat is blogland. All I can say about being able to get away a little bit everyday and visit blogland is......thank the Lord for it! Anyone else with me on this? 
We are slowly starting to pack up a bit here in the house in hopes of moving soon as in the next few weeks or month. It couldn't be happening at a crazier time of year, of course. could never happen when we have absolutely nothing going on, when there is calm in the universe and we have nothing but time. It has to be the month of my birthday, two weddings, Christmas, our annual family Christmas party, other holiday parties, birthdays of my sister and friends, and so much more. I am getting tired just writing it down.
 That said, we are 50/50 now in terms of getting in before Christmas. I am so exhausted physically and mentally, as is my husband, that I cannot fight it anymore, try as I might. So if we end up staying here a few extra weeks and move right after the Christmas be it. That's my new attitude. Yea lets see how long it lasts! But, it will get always does. So lets begin!

I had fun taking some pictures with my IPhone the other morning when I took Teddy for a walk when the light was just so beautiful.....and of course I love taking snaps of Teddy, he is such a little star but so humble about his star power:) 

The picture below I took while walking with Teddy and then I "antiqued it", love the effect

HOUSE UPDATES. Well, things ARE moving along, how long have I been saying that! I am even tired of typing it..but truly things are shaping up. Right now they are concentrating on finishing the back stair hall stain and lime treatment which has taken many weeks as its a multi stage process, as soon as they are done, then we can finally start cleaning up that whole end of the house!! Its filthy, there must be a good 1/2 inch of dust caked all over the kitchen. I just cannot wait to furiously start ripping off all the paper and cardboard covering everything! After over three years of this...its gotten old. So, fingers crossed we are inching our way to the finish line. In all honesty there isn't a tremendous amount of progress to show since everything is covered up but in reality much has been done. Here's a sneak peak at some of what has happened this week. There are literally maybe 50 guys working every day these days, so I know they are doing their dardnest to get this house completed, but some things cannot be rushed as I am learning :(

They just finished the ceiling of the porte cochere, no worries about the light bulb, we DO plan on replacing it:)

Dining floors almost done!

Living room.....getting there!!

Family room,  now we are just waiting on the mantle!!
Back stair hall getting final coat, then we are done there....yeah!!!!

Decided to keep the island, they put on the base and I like it better now and with drawers and hardware, I think it will be fine..will place a small French chair in there somewhere

Love the detailing above the window!

Bathroom is now starting to get painted, finally!

Garage doors finally got put on....its dark but you get the idea! They look great.....

SUBWAY TILES I finally after much hemming and hawing took the plunge and ordered the Calcutta gold subway tiles and went with my gut which was for the oversized jumbo brick, felt the smaller size would be too small and busy, so feel good about having gone with the bigger size. Here is a sample of the beauty I am soon to receive! Alan, the supplier I bought it from was unbelievably nice (and patient) and allowed me to pick and choose my tiles...isn't that incredibly nice! So some of these I discarded to be sure to match up the countertops. 

A LITTLE SWEET SOMETHING.You know I always have to throw in something food related and why not make it something really good. Sorry, but some things are just too good to stay mum about! sent a basket from River Street Sweets and my heart skipped a beat, I remember I saw them profiled on the food network and suddenly here they are at my doorstep just waiting to be enjoyed. And I so happily obliged, I mean after all it is the holidays, the month of my birthday and of my anniversary.....all a time to be happy and joyful right? "Delectable, savory good, mouth watering fit for a king" is the only way to sum up these heavenly treats. Chocolate and caramel like the stuff dreams are made of...I kid you not! Here is a sampling of what they are famous for, everything from fudge to their world famous pralines! Believe they are based in Atlanta but have stores throughout the south. Click here to visit if you dare. 

SOME GREAT GIFTS. OK lets get away from food quick, I am getting a sweet tooth again! With Christmas and the holidays being on everyoneshere to visit the monogram shop at Pottery Barn. They are looking good. Real good.
A monogrammed throw for around $30!! Who doesn't need an extra throw to place over a sofa or chair?
How gorgeous are these hurricanes? Love the monogrammed etching, and anyone could use them in their home. I spoke yesterday at Haus design about how much I love using hurricanes.
I think everyone would be delighted to receive a beautiful gift box of soaps bearing their initials!
How about this elegant footed bowl? I will put paperwhites in it, and wrap it up....I would be tickled pink to receive this!
They make this monogrammed pillow covers for 35.00. Amazing!

And finally the results of this weeks which would you choose...I have to admit I was hard pressed to pick a fave but was torn between the elegant mountain retreat and the genteel farm. Apparently many of you have an inner cowgirl in them as do I because that was the clear favorite, but lets face it getting away to any of these would be a total treat!

1ST PLACE with 45 votes

2ND PLACE with 38 votes

3RD PLACE with 24 votes

4THPLACE with  21 votes

5TH PLACE with 19 votes

6TH PLACE with 9 votes

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Thursday...can't believe it's December 1st...the countdown has officially begun!! Enjoy your day.


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