Monday, 19 August 2013

A Return To Traditional Building Materials and the Eco-Revolution

A report this month by a Washington based market research consultancy predicts that the global market for green construction materials will more than double by the year 2020.

Navigant Research provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets. Their latest study points to a buoyant green buildings market that, despite the recession and general worldwide property downturn of the last few years, remains strong.

So what’s behind this positive and welcome development?

The report suggests that as the desire for eco-properties has grown, so has the demand for sustainable green building materials such as timber frames, cellulose insulation, natural mineral and fibre floor coverings. 

It would seem that this increase in green building is having a two pronged effect - encouraging a return to more traditional construction materials that reduce carbon footprint, while also driving the growth of technologically advanced energy conversion products for homes and offices. Photovoltaic solar panels, electrochromic glass and heat exchange systems can now be incorporated into a building to reduce environmental impact and life-cost, increasing affordability.

It sounds like a win-win situation – the opportunity to live and work in more cost-effective and eco-friendly buildings, kinder to bank balances and the environment.  It’s also good news for the building trade, manufacturers and suppliers, who are responding to this interest by creating and sourcing more sustainable products plus fuelling research into new high performance innovations.
At Richmond Homes we create environmentally friendly luxury houses for our clients; we know it is possible to enjoy luxurious living while still supporting the local environment and the growth of green technology. We're delighted to hear about this upsurge in demand across the green building sector which reaffirms our commitment to working with local green businesses such as Rob Roy Homes. Incorporating this expert firms' sustainable timber frames and innovative eco-insulation products ensures our homes are energy efficient from the inside out. Kinross based Glendevon Energy provide us with the latest in renewable energy solutions such as bio-mass boilers and photovoltaic solar panels. We build in some of the most beautiful locations in central Scotland using Scottish stone, slate and wood, taking our inspiration from the local countryside and the natural environment.

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