Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I Went To the Haven Conference!!

Hello, friends!  Please excuse my overenthusiastic mood, but I spent the weekend doing everything that I love with some of the most creative and inspiring people that I've ever met.  So, can you guess where I was?  Ok, I guess the title of the post is a spoiler.  I went to the Haven Conference! 

Haven Conference 2013
Can you believe that little old me had the opportunity to sit in classes taught by KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms and Cassie of HiSugarplum and Kristin of the Hunted Interior?  I was in DIY blogger heaven.  Check out my Friday schedule of fun and informative classes.

I took courses on layered decorating, social media, growing your blog, and photography.  The best part was the great people I met. 
These Haven Mavens have some creative business cards!
Here are some of my Haven besties.  Brandi from Toodlelou Designs is in the front, and in the back you see me, Dana (who will be starting a fabulous blog very soon), Holly from hcb interiors, and Allison from Soiled Rotten.  We were complete strangers on Thursday, and great friends by Saturday afternoon.
And the swag...ooooh, the swag!  The sponsors and vendors at Haven really took care of the attendees.  Check out everything I got:
Thanks to the generosity of Kreg, 3M, Home Depot, Ryobi, Minwax, Online Fabric Store, Ballard Designs and all of the other sponsors and vendors, I'm ready for any DIY projects that come my way.

Truth be told, I almost didn't attend Haven.  You may know that my family recently moved, and I have been surrounded by boxes and mile long to-do lists for the past month.  I kept thinking that I would have to cancel my trip to the conference to keep my sanity.  Fortunately, I decided to attend despite the chaos around me, and I'm so glad I did.  I think spending the weekend with so many creative souls that share similar passions actually saved my sanity.  Even the constant barrage of texts from my family like this one couldn't bring me down from my "Haven high."

After awhile I just stopped responding to the texts.  And guess what?  The world didn't end. Life went on.  And I think my daughter actually figured out how to do her laundry by reading the instructions that are printed right on the washing machine!
I feel that I'm a better person for having attended this amazing event.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the organizers, speakers and sponsors.  You've made me realize that what I do matters, and I hope to use what I learned at Haven to become not only a better blogger, but a better person THANK YOU ALL!!  I can't wait to see you again next year!
Haven Maven

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