Sunday, 25 August 2013

An Enchanted tag sale!!

Hi there and happy Sunday afternoon to you. The weather here has been so spectacular!! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend....ours has been really relaxing, having people over later for a very casual BBQ.  Back in March, I had a tag sale to unload a bunch of things. Well I am at it again. Started going through some storage and found all kinds of goodies that were tucked and stored away, some real finds!!

They are all priced well below retail and all brand new so this is a great chance to stock up on things you love, need or must have! As always subject to availability, I have indicated quantities but in some cases there are only one or two of an item. First come first serve. All you need to do is email me tell me the number of the item you want and I will send over an invoice...easy!

Thanks for stopping, ready to have a look...let's go!

1. Stunning tole and planter. Beautiful chinoiserie design $110.00. Two available SOLD

2.A set of two gorgeous ornate chargers. $90.00 for the pair (one pair) SOLD

3. I have five sets of these really super heavy polished silver (no polish necessary ever) salt and pepper shakers. Stunning, very elegant. $35.00 SOLD

4. Assorted basketweave and antler serving pieces (please indicate which you want) For single pieces they are $14.00 each and for salad sets or the spreader set of 4, $22.00, carving set (oversized) is $25.00 SOME BASKETWEAVE PIECES LEFT NO MORE ANTLER

5. A set of gorgeous black tole chandelier/sconce shades. Has a beautiful gold leaf trim of flowers. $100 for the pair  AVAILABLE

6. Gorgeous tole lamps. These sell in many retail shop for $275.00 and $350.00 This first beauty is $185.00. Gorgeous mossy green color. The second scenic tole lamp is $195.00. These are magnificent! Love the painted tole shades to match! FIRST LAMP SOLD SECOND AVAILABLE

7.Assorted linens, for the ecru letter on white linen I have the following letters- A, J, O and L. For white I have letters A and G. Sets of 3 for $18.00 A FEW LETTERS AVAILABLE

Cocktail napkins- 2 sets of N and one set of D $24.00 for 6

One set of ecru with black monogram- letter  R, set of three $18.00

8. Beautiful nickel/silver planter or beverage holder. Very pretty and highly decorative. 13" x 7" $95.00 SOLD

9. Antlers! One pair of the small (85.00) and one pair of the large $135.00 ( I have one small and 2 lg)


Small- SOLD

10. Pretty glazed white floral planter or great for cooking utensils in the kitchen, 3 left $18.00 SOLD

11. Gorgeous etched hurricanes. The first pair stand about 12" and the second about 8", they are stunning inside or out and the etching is fabulous! Tall pair $75.00, med pair $70.00


8" pair (2 pair available)

12. Gorgeous silver/nickel pheasants. The pair is so elegant for any vignette.  $65.00 (2 pair) SOLD

13. European kitchen pieces. One small Spanish olive tray and one large wooden trivet (heavy). These are amazing for serving appetizers, making cheese and fruit displays on,etc...and of course beautiful as decorative objects. Only one of the olive trays, and two trivets.

Olive tray -$65.00 (14" round)
Trivet-$85.00 (18" x 13" x 4")

14. Gorgeous green and yellow beige tole containers, gorgeous for flowers or alone. 2 available. So elegant! $60.00 each ONE LEFT

15. Stunning tole wastepaper basket and matching tissue holder. This is from a line I was hoping to carry but it did not work out. Beautiful blue on creamy pale yellow/beige background. Lovely scalloped detailing. Wastepaper basket is $80.00 and tissue holder $30.00 (one set only) AVAILABLE

16.  Beautiful guest towel holder metal containers. Two in ant. brass, one in antique silver $55.00 each...wonderful for any powder room! SOLD

17. Gorgeous peaches and cream scalloped planters. Love these and own them myself. One pair $90.00 AVAILABLE

18.Gorgeous pair of Vagabond House pewter flower urn salt and peppers. $55.00 one pair AVAILABLE

19. Gorgeous celadon green porcelain chinoiserie and ormolu soap or candy dish. $50.00 SOLD

20. Silver antler coat hook (love this and own it) about 13" tall $24.00 each (3 available) SOLD
Silver antler bookends, super decorative $60.00 for pair (2 available) SOLD

21. Gorgeous crystal urn, very heavy, perfect bud vase. About 11" inches tall. $55.00 (3 available) SOLD

22. Stunning pair of ant. brass and black sconces. Such a deal, one pair available for $110.00

23. Beautiful oversized French script with chateau bar/kitchen towel. Loved this line but am not carrying it right now. (only 2) 18.00 each SOLD

Email me at with any inquires...thanks!

And if you care to take a look at my shop online click on storefront below.....

Thank you for stopping in to take a look. Hope you saw something that caught your eye. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and end to your weekend........

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