Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bonkers over belljars!

Hi there, hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Well its obvious that I love belljar lighting. Besides the fact that I sell them, have them in my own home, I have also used them for different design jobs that I have worked on and find them to be some of the most versatile lighting out there. They are classically beautiful and with the different designs, they can lean more towards very traditional all the way to more modern. I love them!

As I am starting to wrap up some lighting decisions in my own home (a number of areas that still do not have lighting), I had a "aha" moment and realized that the perfect solution was under my nose the entire time! The belljars of course. So, several are en route to me as we speak and I can hardly wait!

I particularly love my line (yes I am partial) as they are done with beautiful hand etched detailing...very special plus the heavy discount makes them even prettier:) So today a look at gorgeous belljars and all their many possibilities. How about you? Own any? Would like to? Putting this post together has me wanting to put belljars in every room! Take a look and see what you think....

 Gorgeous in this foyer done by Suzanne Rheinstein

Stunning foyer is amazing with the understated elegance of a beautiful belljar, Douglas Newby

 Tammy Connors got it right by adding this beautiful belljar to this gorgeous foyer!

Adore them in a hallway or foyer as well, Windsor Smith

 Isn't this a beautiful space! Amelia Handegan

 This is so beautiful! Phoebe Howard strikes again

 They work beautifully in a more cottage type room....this is such a pretty space!

I love this idea for a reading nook.....perfect! Marcus Design

 A trio works beautifully above a kitchen island!

 Beautiful belljar looks perfect in this sumptuous bathroom

 Lovely in the beautiful new bathroom of Brook's from Velvet and Linen

I think they are a perfect solution to virtually any bath, way more interesting than high hats, House Beautiful

I like the idea of a frosted belljar in this beautiful soft tone on tone bathroom.....gorgeous!!

 Clearly Barry Dixon is a fan.....beautiful!

 They add just the right amount of lighting, to create a soft beautiful glow

Even for more transitional spaces, they just work!

 Love seeing a lineup of belljars such as in this beautiful space by Huge Randolph Macon Architects

 Simply beautiful! Fox

I like the idea of mixing different lighting, there are no rules, Candleabra Lighting

The diamond cut design is a beautiful and classic choice.....

 Love a pair in a foyer...always works! Marcus Design
 I have yet to see a kitchen space that they do not look wonderful in

 Who said they are just for outside! They look fabulous on this covered porch, The Newlywed Diaries

 Gorgeous statement in this fabulous pantry, Joy Tribout
How pretty they are as a grouping in this beautiful dining room by Rinfret

Love this setting and the simple elegance of the belljar is spot on, Barry Dixon

 They make a beautiful statement as a trio above a kitchen island! Providence Design

I really love the understated statement belljars make even in the grandest of homes.....Douglas Newby
And work as beautifully in a more transitional/modern space as they do a more traditional one, LA Home

 Love this bathroom by Barry Dixon
 A perfect lighting choice in this stunning bathroom by Jennifer Eisenstadt

The belljar is a mighty versatile form of lighting, The Fuller Review

A close up of my own belljars, which I just love!

One of my all time favorite closets by Barry Dixon, the lighting is the perfect finishing touch!
And to show I practice what I is my own kitchen with a pair of the tulip belljars!

Well.....what do you think? Pretty gorgeous, and if that doesn't convince you that belljars can and do work in just about every kind of space, don't what will. That is one heck of a beautiful argument:)  If you are in the market for a belljar, absolutely visit my shop to take a look at my beautiful collection. Below are a few of my personal faves....

Click on storefront to see my collection of beautiful belljars. Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a spectacular Sunday and wonderful start to your week!

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