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Behind the Wendi from Classic Chic Home!!

Good morning, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am feeling a little better today and am off on a  little excursion upstate CT. to hopefully (fingers crossed) see some marble for the island that looks like it might just work. I hope so!  I am so happy to be here with yet another one of my many talented blogging friends ( can you believe how many I have)? Say hello to.....

Wendi of Classic Chic Home

Classic Chic Home is a blog that is based upon interior design but manages to delve specifically into different elements of interior design, and I find her blog to be an outstanding and valuable resource. Her blog culminates two of her biggest passions, interior design and writing. In fact as we speak Wendi is launching her own E-writing (for blogs and websites) service.... so if you are in need of this service why not learn from a pro! I can promise you if you are not already familiar with Classic Chic Home, this is one you will want to meet and get acquainted with. 
Wendi's kind and generous personality shines through in each post and I am happy to have gotten to know her. She features her "design stories" which are very worth the read, informative, interesting and beautiful.  And Wendi, as I read through your interview, I realized we have much in common:) Anyone who is a fan of Princess Diana and would like her as their lunch companion  is someone I want to call a friend!  Please stop by and visit after you read over her wonderful interview....she is a special person who is multi talented and shares her pretty perspective generously through her blog. I love her take on design and on life...thank you Wendi!

Thanks for participating Wendi and click on the header to visit Classic Chic Home!

So how did you end up blogging?
I was searching for a way to share my love of writing and my passion for interior design.  When a friend suggested I start a blog, I had no idea what she was talking about!  I googled "Blogger" and jumped in head first.  Seven months later, I'm still tweaking my site's appearance and playing with the format.  It's been a HUGE learning curve for this tech-challenged, middle-aged girl!
A few things I love about fall are...
...cuddling up with a lush, cozy throw in front of the fire, sipping hot tea, and dreaming of Christmas - my absolute favorite time of year!
You get to spend a month at the perfect beach house, will it be Malibu or Nantucket?
I haven't been to either location, so I did a bit of research on-line.  After seeing what they both have to offer, I'm definitely more drawn to the architectural charm and relaxed atmosphere of Nantucket.
Two weeks first class all the way, is it London or Paris?
I'd love to visit Paris!  I've never been overseas, but my daughter spent the summer after high school graduation touring Europe with her best friend.  Her photos of the beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and charming street side cafes make me dream of experiencing it someday for myself.

If I were 18 again I would.......
...follow my heart and concentrate on my writing instead of becoming an accountant.  Could I have chosen a less creative-minded career?

What would be on your plate for your ultimate dream dinner and dessert? My dream dinner would consist of angel hair pomodoro and soft bread fresh from the oven, followed by gooey chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream!   Most importantly, the meal would have to be prepared, served and cleaned up by anyone but ME!
Tell us as little or much as you want to about your family? 
My husband, Lance and I have been married for twenty-three wonderful years.  Our twenty-year old daughter, Jess is currently attending university with plans to become an elementary school teacher.  Our son, Zach is seventeen, and is finishing his last year of high school.  We all share a slightly off-key and silly sense of humor, and our home life is blessed with a lot of love and laughter. 

Worst habit? Best trait?
Worst habit - I spend far too much time on my computer.   
Best trait - I'm very organized.
Favorite design trend?
I love the new look of grey, limed wood floors and furniture.  It has an understated elegance that's both traditional and timeless.
One golden rule/advice for decorating that you would pass on... 
Decorate your home as an authentic reflection of who you are.   It's the thoughtful and uniquely personal touches that will tell your story, and create a home that's a true expression of your own beautiful sense of style.
Designer icon?
There are so many incredibly talented designers, but, my personal Design Icon is Barbara Barry.  I've always admired her classic and elegant interiors, but what sets her apart from the rest for me is her exquisite furniture collection.  I love the graceful lines she incorporates into each of her signature pieces.  
You get to have lunch with anyone in the entire world, could be from Hollywood, a famous author or playwright, a politician, rock star, a cooking guru, religious leader, anyone…who are the lucky two to sit at your table?  Dr. Wayne Dyer is a gifted author with amazing wisdom and insight.  I'd love to experience his incredible energy first hand. I  was completely enchanted by Princess Diana's touching vulnerability and tremendous grace.  It would have been such an honor to have met her in person. I can only imagine listening to the conversation around that table, and how deeply profound and inspiring it would be!

A perfect day would start with...
...watching a beautiful sunrise with my favorite guy from the balcony of our luxurious hotel room and end with.....
If we could only live in one season year round, which would you choose and why?  
My favorite time of year has always been spring time.  I adore the soft colours of nature, the sweet fragrance in the air, the melodic sound of birds, and the gentle warmth of the sun early in the morning.
Describe your favorite outfit.
Tall, soft leather boots (with three inch heels) over my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, a white, soft wool cape cinched at the waist with a wide belt, an antique silver pendant necklace, long teardrop earrings, and a gorgeous, emerald green hand bag.  I'm also partial to my pink fluffy robe and fuzzy slippers!
Tell me about a dream vacation for you and your family... 
Lance and I went on our first cruise earlier this year, and we loved it!   I think that a tropical cruise would be an amazing family vacation.  There's so much for all of us to do on board, plus there's the added bonus of jumping ship and exploring the port destinations together.  We would have so much fun!
Favorite movie or book that you could read or watch over and over?
I've actually never read a book or watched a movie more than once.  For me, the best part of either one is not knowing how the story will end.
3 qualities that I think fairly describe me are. 
I decided to take a quick family poll:  Lance says I'm insightful, Jess says I'm compassionate, and Zach thinks I'm intuitive.
Comedy or dramas?  
I like dramas with a complex storyline, but nothing too violent, or that makes my cry all the way through the movie.  My poor hubby has had to sneak me out the back door of a theater more than once because I refuse to walk through the lobby with red, puffy eyes!

In my next life I will... more spontaneous and take more risks.  I think...  I should probably consider my answer more carefully, and make sure that's definitely what I want to do.
One thing I absolutely cannot live without is... morning coffee.
If I have learned one thing in life, it is appreciate every moment, and take nothing for granted.

And now a recap on what Wendi loves...

Doesn't Wendi sound great? And Wendi, I too could not live even a single day without my beloved coffee!!  Love your ideas, how you think and so agree about not taking anything for granted and appreciating every moment. So very true. Thank you Wendi for being a part of this and letting everyone get to know you a little better. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Wendi and let her know how much you enjoyed her interview. Click here to visit! Hope you have an enchanted day!

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