Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pretty Posts to ponder, part IIII

Happy Saturday morning to you!! What are you up to this weekend? I am doing some volunteer work today, then having dinner with friends and tomorrow we are off to PA. for a tournament for my son. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I love to periodically put up some favorite posts from various bloggers who for one reason or another posted something that really caught my attention and that was worth keeping and sharing with you. 

Below is my most recent list of posts that I enjoyed enough to visit again and again. I think you will agree that they are indeed 'keepers". Blogging and navigating through blogland can easily take up many many hours, so consider this a ride through in full gear at breakneck speed and only stopping at the best of the best!! There are so many more posts I have in my little treasure box of "keepers", that I will share in my coming "posts to ponder" but for now, these are some of my recent favorites...hope you will check them out and let the blogger know if you enjoyed it too, its always so wonderful for us bloggers to hear from readers!! Enjoy!

Before we begin because I know everyone loves to see whats on the minds of 'those in the know', here are the finalists for this weeks "which would you choose"! I am happy to say two that I loved made it in the roundup, but truly in my eyes they each had something very special. Thanks to all of you for participating and to answer someone who asked if they emailed me their answer, does it "count" and the answer is yes, it most certainly does:)

1ST PLACE  By an overwhelming vote...boy this one won so many people over! With 74 whopping votes!!

2nd place lagging quite far behind but with a respectable 34 votes

3rd place with 27 votes

4th place with 17 votes

5th place with 14 votes each

Thanks for participating!! Until next weeks, "which would you choose".......

And now for your viewing pleasure, sit back, grab another cup of coffee, give yourself a little time to go through these wonderful posts, something for every one of your senses!!

IVY CLAD....a picture perfect post of beautiful old world interiors in white, breathtaking!!


STONE GABLE Talk about a gorgeous tea party, sooo beautiful!!


THE FRENCH TANGERINE....beautiful highlights from a fabulous store in Napa Valley!


CASTLES, CROWNS AND COTTAGES...Want to get swept away in a dream?


TG INTERIORS can never get enough blue and white inspiration!


PARTY RESOURCES ...always dreamt of having a party in a barn! You must see this...

BELCLAIRE HOUSE...This might be the ultimate beach house!


DESIGN THE JOURNEY, Yes its past Halloween but you have to see these, for next year!


ACQUIRED OBJECTS..a beautiful post on antique tapestries, breathtaking!


PROVIDENCE INTERIOR DESIGN...gorgeous lantern inspiration!


VIGNETTE DESIGN...want to go to Tuscany? Click here!


PINE CONES AND ACORNS...for a Carrot cake too good to not make!


NINE AND SIXTEEN...A dreamy bedroom makeover!


STRICTLY SIMPLY STYLE...for a great how to on being a calm hostess!!


PETAL SWEET BLOG..Just because I am in total awe of her cakes!!


THE PAPER MULBERRY, because rust has never looked so beautiful!

Do hope you enjoy them.....I am nearly certain you will! Let me know if you had a favorite and wishing everyone a truly wonderful weekend!!


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