Friday, 4 November 2011

Which would you choose?

Good morning!! First a few things...... May I just say that once again, I feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of people following my blog! I know I keep gushing but  I just have to let you know!!   Your comments and emails yesterday just melted my heart, and I truly mean that, your support and friendship is amazing and certainly validates what I do and why I do it. 

Second, onto my knob dilemma from yesterday, I knew by days end that it would make me crazy to have this nagging doubt that they were too big, I mean they almost looked like small doorknobs! So off they came and they are boxed up and ready to go back today and I will wait for the right size. I get hung up on these things so know I did the right thing. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INPUT!!!!

For those who wanted the oatmeal cookie recipe, click here and scroll to bottom of post. You will not be sorry (but proceed at your own risk as they are very good)!

To anonymous posters, I have NO problem with someone expressing their point of view and that is why I allow anonymous posters which many bloggers do not but I will not tolerate nor let it go unnoticed when someone is mean spirited or unusually judgemental. If you do not like my blog, what I like, what I am doing or anything about me or my blog you do not need to come here, period. This is who I am, this blog is an honest representation of myself and what excites me and what I love in life.  There is a blog for everyone as there are when I see a blog that is not for me for whatever reason, I move on. You know how it goes "you don't have something nice to say you just don't say it". That's how I was brought up. That said, if you want to "play nice" then you are more than welcome!! Here's a "free pass".......

Now onto the fun part.......

Its that time know the drill. And its a continuation from that wonderful Tapas dinner party you just gave, you know the one you slaved over last week...... Everyone ate to their hearts content, you utterly amazed all of your adoring guests who are now urging you to either open up your own tapas catering company or at the least write a book, yep you were that big of a hit! Perhaps working in a sumptuous kitchen helped just a little :)

Its now time to relax a bit and some of your guests have chosen to go to the library after dinner,  to hang out with a a glass of brandy or port, have a second piece of dessert and continue the lively conversation with your guests.  A library is a room that most of us equate with a roaring fire, loads of captivating and well read books, maybe a great rug and a room that oozes coziness and warmth. At least that's what I think of when I think of a library. we go, time to choose your library. Certainly something for everyone, big and grand, cozy and intimate, more modern or transitional or ultra old world and traditional. You have earned this much needed break to prop up your feet with an after dinner drink and its time to gloat in all the accolades over your fabulous tapas dinner and why have earned every minute of it! So kick off those shoes, get cozy, and decide which you will be chilling out in. So which will you choose for this next part of the evening?

















Certainly not a bad choice here, and as usual I cannot wait to see what all you style setters select as your favorite. I will surely post the top four rooms in a post over the next few days!! Enjoy your day and can't believe its Friday!! Happy weekend to each and every one of you.


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