Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Which would you choose?

Hello, hope this finds you all doing well considering the "Christmas chaos" has officially begun. I don't even allow myself to think of all I have to do, because I literally might faint, so I just take it one thing at a time, knowing it always gets done. I must admit I do daydream about getting away. A lot. Not in the cards with our move but its fun to imagine! So next best thing is a virtual trip......

Its another Which would you choose. So here's the deal....you and three of your best friends whose company you love and enjoy immensely  have decided to escape for a little girls only getaway. Just a three or four day jaunt. Just enough to make the family realize that the domestic diva they thought they had is actually totally indispensable and they will be begging on hand and foot to have you back ten hours after you are gone. Nothing like a little distance for a few days for "the fam' to really appreciate all you do and how effortlessly you make it look!

 Now, you get to choose from a few different types of vacations....will it be beach or poolside, or " ski to your hearts content" kind of trip, maybe a rustic and elegant farm to lounge around ...its your choice!! Do you see an active trip, with plenty of physical exercise and sun or ski runs during the day and cozying up by a fire roasting marshmallows at night or maybe just an old fashioned getaway with long walks and maybe horseback riding during the day and Scrabble marathons and glasses of wine at sunset? Maybe a city slicker weekend, spent catching a Broadway hit, shopping to your hearts content, eating at a new trendy restaurant...something for everyone!  Its your trip and you are in charge......so choose from these six fabulous destinations and tell me where you would want to escape  with your pack of friends and why! I have included your guest room and bath with each home to hopefully make your decision a little easier....good luck and get packing!







Definitely something for everyone! I cannot wait to see which you choose and which one comes out on top.With the way I am craving a getaway, any of these would be a most welcome reprise!! So, tell me where you are headed and what you can imagine doing there.....
Wishing you a great day.

And one last little tidbit....

Its not unusual to daydream (like me) to want to be away especially during the holidays when stress levels are at an all time high, and I witnessed a parking incident yesterday that got rather ugly between two well dressed women, (nothing to the degree of this video however) this is an oldie but goodie and sadly things like this happen with increasing frequency. This makes me want to go home and avoid malls and parking lots from here to eternity....Can you imagine!


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