Sunday, 27 November 2011

Random Sunday musings and a hello.......

Happy Sunday morning.......

OK, I don't know about you but there is a dark side to Black Friday! Have you seen the madness and chaos raging in every mall and store across America? It is just me or do you also feel this has gotten so carried away, that the meaning and real joy to be found in this holiday season has long been lost with the mass consumerism being first and foremost on most peoples minds. I blame  the retailers more than anyone else and think this chaos has to stop. Was not one death during that  stampede a few years back not enough to prove this point? Would love to know your thoughts and if you became part of the shopping frenzy. I did not even consider it, for starters I am severely claustrophobic and secondly, there is nothing out there that is worth the haggling and fighting with fellow shoppers or having to deal with the crazy parking lot trials and tribulations...NOTHING!

Moving on.... a few questions answered that have been asked several times...

1. Where is our door hardware from? We ordered it from Omnia Industries, who makes beautiful hardware, very nice solid brass, great quality

2. What fabric was the stripe on my old houses foyer? That was a Scalamandre gold stripe silk though I am nearly certain they don't make it anymore because an acquaintance tired to find it also and couldn't.

3. Who made the sconces for the library powder room that I featured last week? There were two, the bird sconces are from Decorative Crafts and the other which almost looked like Venetian glass with   antique brass was from Currey and Company.

4. Where are our floors from? They are reclaimed limestone and are from Paris Ceramics

5. Will I continue blogging when I move in? Of course, the fun is just beginning! You are stuck with me now and will be subjected to every decision I make about decorating and helping me spruce things up around the holidays...yep I am here to stay!

And now my random musings.....

Congratulations to fellow blogger Lucianne of Home Bunch for her little bundle of joy...welcome Matthew!

Saw this wreath and want to try to copy it....isn't it pretty? I am in love with the juxtaposition of the rustic beauty and  sophisticated elegance of this  stunning wreath, gorgeous for any front door!

What do you think about these pillows and bench? I ordered the pillows and am considering this bench, am totally in love with it (from French Market) I am a sucker for anything with birds or pheasants and think these will look wonderful in my family room.....

Madly in love with this picture, mostly for the colors and that aged patina, isn't it spectacular?

I picked up these gorgeous hardware pieces from Anthropologie, (they always surprise me with unexpected finds) and fell in love with them, they are way too oversized for my bathroom which is where I originally was thinking it could work, but holding onto them just in case they could work for my closet..what do you think?

I watched AGAIN one of my all time favorite movies this weekend, Somethings gotta give. I swear I have seen it at least half a dozen times and watch it like there it is just the very first time. Do movies have that effect on you? From the music to the setting in the Hamptons to the perfect beach is everything I look for and enjoy in a movie!  Anything Nancy Meyers does always appeals to me and I have always said if I had a Freaky Friday experience, that is who I would want to change places with, could have so much fun coming up with all kinds of great ideas for "Nancy's kind of movies"!

My niece had a baby on Thanksgiving day, we are so excited! She is coming back from the hospital tonight. Unfortunately I had to miss her shower, as it was given by a relative who lives in NYC on the 30th floor and I do not, under ANY circumstance take elevators. So I dropped off her gift earlier and took a few pics because I had such fun putting it together, and thought it came so sweet, what doesn't look adorable in pale pink meant for a new little baby! I filled it with all kinds of beautiful clothes, a stuffed animal, a few receiving blankets, and a little pillow in this super comfy cozy Moses basket. I had gotten one when my youngest was born and got so much use out of it.

I love this shot, I had gone to the house as the sun was setting yesterday, when the last guy was finishing up, and the sky was such a deep dark gray blue as it was getting dark it almost looked like some kind of special effect, took a picture with my Iphone. The sky looks like magical doesn't it?

And finally to end this post with a bit of humor thrown in..have you seen this video about the Uggs "vaccine"? It is pretty funny....and something that whether you are a fan or not, is sure to give you a good laugh!

So that's a wrap for me. Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. The weather here has been spectacular! Enjoying it while its so mild, as I know it won't last long. Until tomorrow....have a fabulous day! 


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