Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Guest posting today at Pretty Pink Tulips!

Good morning.... I just have to say thank you so much, I really am convinced I have the best and kindest readers in all of blogland! I vented yesterday about having had a bad day and then becoming nostalgic over Halloween about my "boys" being men now and not having a little one to share the holiday with. Apparently I have lots of company but your kind comments and emails truly warmed my heart...thank you for that. Today,  I am over at one of my favorite blogs in all of blogland,  you can find me over at my friend,  Elizabeth's  gorgeous blog, where there is always something beautiful blooming......

Pretty Pink Tulips
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I am sure many of you know of her fabulous blog but for those of you who don't please stop by and say hello, you are in for a delightful treat! I was excited when she asked me to participate in her "Four fall favorites" series about all my favorite things for fall. It was loads of fun to put  together  and I do hope you will swing by, so I can show you what fall means to me. Fall is an easy season to be inspired by so this was a ton of fun to participate in.
Thank you Elizabeth for including me and wishing everyone a fabulous day!!

In case you missed "The most beautiful fairytale in the world" yesterday, click will not want to miss it, it will take you away on a beautiful little journey for a minute or two! See you at Pretty Pink Tulips!

Also I was so honored beyond words to have been featured as "blog of the month" over at Red Door Home!! Stacy is a doll and I am so thankful to her for having selected my blog to be featured this month. Please visit her to say hello and check out her wonderful chock full of beauty blog, Red Door Home!!
Thank you Elizabeth and Stacy.


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