Saturday, 12 November 2011

Random Saturday musings, a few questions answered and a hello

Hi there, and happy Saturday morning to you! I have had a borderline migraine for the last 30 hours so haven't been around much. This time even the 80 mg. of Relpax did not do the trick which was unusual but I woke up feeling, while not 100%,  definitely better. It never became full blown but didnt' entirely go away. Anyone else suffer from them? Any remedies you care to recommend? Some have said acupuncture. I would consider anything at this point. I do think I suffer from cluster migraines and there is not doubt in my mind that these are brought on by stress.

So really hoping its on its way out for good!! It looks like my random musings on the weekends are becoming a regular gig so here I am with more randomness....a few questions answered below then the start of my little of this and a little of that in no order whatsoever! Hoping and wishing you a wonderful and relaxed weekend! 

Before I begin, the time has come folks, for me to address two anonymous commenters. I am just going to say this, if you don't have something nice to say, please not only do not say it but please do not come to my blog. Its that simple. I do not know who you are, but can only sympathize with you as you must be an unhappy individual to have to try to tear someone else down. I am a big girl with thick skin but still cannot imagine doing that. Furthermore, when you insult my readers as well, that is where I must draw the line. That is unacceptable. The second this type of comment appears again it will be swiftly removed, so dont' waste your time. On that subject, can I just say again how great my readers are? I was so touched at how many of you spoke directly to "anonymous" and emailed me expressing your disdain for their comments. You guys are the best!!

1. What is the color of my laundry room cabinets?  I matched Starks Slate II to a Ben. Moore color, and they made it up for me. 

2. What kind of marble did I use in my kitchen? Calcutta Gold Select

3. Who makes the sconces shown in my boys rooms? They were all ordered from Visual Comfort and were a combination of Ralph Lauren and Thomas O Brien's line, I had several inquiries about different bathrooms so not sure which specially you wanted but they were all from either of those two  lines.

4. Who makes the hardware for the kitchen and butlers? Everything came from RK International

5. Are there "hidden drawers" in the vanity below the mirror in my sons room? No they might look like it but they are just flat decorative panels.

6. Is "the tower" the main foyer? It is, almost like a big vestibule/foyer which will lead to a wide gallery hallway that runs the entire width of the house.

7. Is this the main entrance we will use? No, there is a side entrance which we will use for every day.

8. And this question I quote by a mystery person again...
A new reader: I am intrigued by how old your sons are and whether those kinds of bathrooms are really suitable and were chosen by (teenage?) boys. Somehow I doubt it! Was anyone else in your family allowed any input into the design of any of the rooms? Your home does look impressive and obviously a fortune has been spent on it - but do you ever wonder whether you have created a pastiche of the French country chateau

OK....hummm how to address this, ugh..backhanded compliment I guess? My boys are all young men, 15-23. They love what their mom loves and trust my taste completely, I have not steered them wrong yet and don't plan to. We all love marble and I gave them choices and we all agreed on what to do. Does that answer part one of your interrogation question.
Yes if you really want to know, we are a family I am not part of a dictatorship so we all had input on what happens in our home. But when it came to the rooms like the kitchen,living, dining,foyer, the formal rooms I wasn't letting my 16 year tell me he wants black walls and white wall to wall carpet with a funky light fixture. I say to that...he should stick to what he does well, lacrosse and school and I will 'do my thing". And last no, never ever for a second wondered if I am creating a "pastiche of a French chateau", instead what I think, no what I know  we have done is build a beautiful home with tremendous integrity and one that involved much time in researching the historical background of this style to be sure it was done architecturally correct. On top of that we were blessed to have an "A-1" team behind us every step of the way. We could not be any happier with the result. Hope that puts your "worries" to rest.

Thanks everyone for your questions and feel to ask anytime!

I want to get my hands on a chest like this or find a 'good bones" chest and have it painted for my bedroom..isn't it pretty?  Or buy an antique chest and have it painted, think this one is mighty pretty!! Love the colors

SCONCES FOR OUR BATHROOMS....OPINIONS WELCOME! We really need to order these like NOW, my husband couldn't believe I hadn't gotten them yet so I am under the gun to get this done. I have frantically been online for days looking.....what do you think? I do want something classic but elegant.

Sconces for hubbies bath, thoughts?

Same one in single light for his vanity

And for mine, these are nickel and rock crystal...

Isn't this a great piece? I am having a hard time finding a place for it as it doesn't fit in to where I originally wanted to use it. It is so beautiful though I am determined.....

So excited....I ordered my first wallpaper for the back powder room! The winner was.....

I think this must be everyone's dream room. We have a very large basement which we are not finishing right now as its hardly a top priority, but eventually how neat would it be to carve out a small multi purpose room like this, I think I would spend all my time in there and never leave!!

Last night, after being in bed all day, I was going a little stir crazy so guess what I watched? An oldie but goodie.....Dr. Zhivago. It was sooo great and I forgot what a wonderful and beautiful movie that was, love old movies so much more than the new ones. Seen anything good lately?
Whats your favorite movie to watch around the holidays?

Well, that wraps things up here for this Saturday. Hope everyone is well, enjoying a nice weekend and wishing you an enchanted day! 


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