Sunday, 6 November 2011

Happy Sunday afternoon and super mini house update

Hi there, well I hope whatever you are doing or where ever you are, you have had a beautiful day and weekend. I ended up not going to my sons tournament today in PA, hubby and son took off early this morning, I had a slight sore throat and welcomed the day to myself (rarely get one). So after cooking, resting, reading I ran over to the house, it is very rare to go when NO ONE is there and needless to say also a big treat. I took a few pictures until my camera died but thought I would say hello and share with you a little of whats been going on. Big updates coming this Thursday as a lot is going to happen this week AT LAST!! So here's whats new....

Before we begin , saw this picture and thought this was the cutest thing I have seen in a long long time!!
If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!

Now onto my mini  update.....
Sons bathroom done at last!

Just installed faucets and sconces and mirror

Gorgeous fall foliage is just starting around here

And we actually have some grass..woo hoo!
We have some grass...yippee!!

Next time you see this entrance, it is going to look very different!

Kitchen faucets got put in...

3 paint colors we are debating on for ceiling of family room

Ceiling of kitchen is done!

Stone for tower part of foyer is waiting and starting tomorrow!

Workroom aka living room doubling as workshop with final doors and shelves just done from family room

Laundry room doors...went with a putty color

Love this color and then we are doing a subtle glaze over them

Tower got cement and is now ready for installation of rondele tomorrow!

Front door
Love the turning of the leaves...

So thats whats been going on around here, much more to come this week in time for Thurs. normal update. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday evening!!


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